About NAP


We seek new paradigms and understandings about enhancing health, focused on the role of food patterns in body composition, growth and development.

We work with ethnically and geographically diverse populations, studying their biologic, cultural and natural environment. Our primary tools are nutritional assessment, assessment of growth and maturation and physical activity. We work with communities and clinics with participatory processes, observation and experimentation.

We believe in building on strategies and practices that have shown success, while managing problem areas. We believe in collaboration and learning from others and that new findings are at the edges and intersection of established disciplines and boundaries. We believe in people and enjoy finding connections with others.


The mission of the NAP program is to further understanding of nutritional and other causes of variation in growth, maturation, body size and bone mass that are important to health and disease.

Research methods involve anthropologic and epidemiologic techniques in clinical and community-based settings, with a focus on Hawaii and the Pacific region, to study ethnic groups and their biologic and lifestyle characteristics.